48,645,838 tokens = 48,645,838 grams of Good Gold

    We are new in town, yet based on one of the oldest principals.

    “[Gold] gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head.” — Warren Buffett


Our pre launch coin offer on Business Class was a great succes.

Thank you all for believing in our project!

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About Gold

Today, gold remains the worlds most stable asset, historically purchased for security when socioeconomic stability is threatened.

Gold is mined throughout the world using various methods. This mostly is a difficult and a socially and environmentally harmful process.

Once mined gold needs to be processed, purified, refined and shipped for use in industrial applications, jewelry and securely stored investments. The latter being expensive, energy consumptive and with a high environmental cost.

That’s where we come in. It’s time for a new view on money and gold.

  • Fort Knox: Un-mined Gold

    Our solution is simple: we leave the gold in mother nature and sell it un-mined.

    The mountains are the best and cleanest vaults there are: a natural Fort Knox.

    Our gold therefore, will remain completely safe from exploitation or theft in the mountains of our 16,500 / 76.000 hectares comprising hard rock mining exploration projects “Vira Vira” and “Mande” in Colombia. The projects are located on the western flank of the Western Cordillera, proximal to the Pacific Ocean within the zones of Istmina and Pueblo Rico in the municipality of Condoto, Choco.

According to the estimates of inferred reserves the gold stored corresponds to an amount of 1,564,000 troy ounces (oz t), or 48,645,838 grams. If one were to use the current gold price quotation of US $50 per gram, the market value for illustrative purposes would be US $ 2.4 bn.

Metal Unit Quantity  Price/Unit Potential (US$ Billion)
Mande Gold Ounces 1.112.000 1.510 1.7
Vira Vira Gold Ounces 452.000 1.510 0.7

So, in stead of expensive, damaging mining, we keep the gold where it is. We are bringing land-recovery, agroforestry and circular economy to those areas surrounding the mine where alluvial mining has damaged communities and environment for a century and make it healthy and life sustaining again. 

With the revenue produced, we prevent the exploitation of the rainforest through mining and invest in good environmental projects and ideas enabling them to reality. The revenue also helps us to support (some of worlds poorest) local communities. For instance, we are partnering with the Afro-Colombian communities for 10 years. That way, these communities can become respected safeguards of threatened ecosystems and biodiversity.

A new view on money: True Value

We believe that only by addressing the fundamental issue of money we will find the solutions that start to reverse the present wave of environmental exploitation. The exploitation that has destroyed much of our natural habitat, wildlife and contributed massively to global warming, whilst exploiting millions in the process.

Let us make a start at helping our planet heal, by creating some GOOD MONEY (as a Crypto Token) with true value behind it.

We still believe in mineral value, therefore, we have arranged gold. However, true value lies in keeping our planet healthy. 

Without a healthy planet, gold is no longer worth anything.

We will invest 70% of the monies generated in communities, research and development, innovative business solutions and ways to save the rainforest from further destruction. That way we can contribute to making our planet healthy now and for our future generations.

The Good Gold Coin, a Crypto Token

48,645,838 tokens = 48,645,838 grams

We democratize access to Good Gold. We do so by creating a crypto token: the Good Gold Coin (GGC).


Every Good Gold Coin (GGC) has the equivalent price of 1 gram of gold, stored in one of our natural Fort Knox vaults. Together with our Good Mines and Mining partners, we have indexed all the estimated gold that is in the mine, in a mountain. We virtually assigned all the gold per gram of the inferred reserves, this way every gram is numbered and therefore included in the block-chain token. Open and transparent.

In our new money concept, every GGC equals one gram of gold stored in one of our natural Fort Knox vaults. In this way we virtually assign 48,645,838 grams (or 100%) of the estimated inferred reserves of our actual hardrock mining exploration projects. Technically, each gram of gold protected from exploitation has its own serial number which is included in the blockchain token.

Using block-chain technology, we represent unmined gold reserves with GGC tokens on Ethereum. The transparency, security and traceability of the block-chain ensures that GGC Tokens can be transacted and transferred with full visibility and authenticity. Not only does the immutable ledger heighten security, the smart contract platform eliminates possible human error and any risk of fraud.


People who buy a token also help a GOOD projects. Every time you transfer an amount of tokens you have the ability to back up a GOOD project of your choice by giving them 1% GOOD transaction cost. The token will refer to this project within it’s block.

Why the blockchain?

In order to connect all the dots and ideas that are good for our planet and act with the best intentions, we need to be transparent. That’s why we decided to use the block-chain. Every project will benefit and profit for every other project, so on and so forth.

We begin by adding value to underpin our new block-chain technology. True value (covered by the most important asset: Mother Earth itself), and with the possibility to buy Good Gold and therefore, help protect the future health of our planet.


Working with GOOD GOLD

We create a world where gold is made divisible and transferable on the block-chain.

The digital gold standard with a mission is here.

Mining activities would subsequently be limited to those areas (the populated areas) where Good Factory is planning to carry out alluvial green mining projects that would form part of a bioremediation initiative of such degenerated lands, most of which were created during the 20th century through the mining activities of various legal and illegal companies.


GOOD for the planet

We leave the gold in the ground. No more destructive mining, melting, transportation and expensive, secure storage in bank vaults. Our Natural Fort Knox is in the mountain, secured by mother nature. We also plant trees, elephant grass, Bamboo, Moringa, Vetiver grass and other CO2 absorbing plants.


GOOD for the rainforest

Instead of digging, drilling, mining and the use of toxic chemicals to produce a little gold, we don’t touch the forest above and around it.

Currently we protect 1 million hectares of rainforest

In Colombia we have a memorandum of understanding in place, regarding the protection of 1 million hectares rain forest… and will finalize the implementation of the related REDD+ project co-designed from the local communities themselves to ensure the rainforest protection also for the generations to come.


GOOD for the local communities

In our 1 million hectares of rainforest, we help the local communities to start new businesses, protect the nature reserves, safeguard ecosystems and biodiversity, build hospitals and schools, install fresh water reservation solutions, etc.

Wherever on earth, there is abundant access to organic waste or other biomass supply, we are ready to implement sustainable biochar refineries and charcoal related businesses as a center pillar of  bottom up designed circular economy systems. And our leading technology is completely in line with the call of the IPCC to sequester carbon in the soils for centuries to come. Imagine that the GGC can make a real difference once we are talking about token funds above $ US 100 millions, or even $ US 1 billion!

GOOD circular economy models

On the borders between human civilization and the rainforest, we make sure the deforestation pressure will mitigate while we implement agroforest based farming concepts. Charcoal will be used as a soil enhancer and natural fertilizer. Finally we are contributing to the reconsideration of the highly productive black soil of the Andes, the world knows about under the term “Terra Preta”.


GOOD stable (crypto) asset

A time honored safe heaven asset, gold will always posses a universally recognized, intrinsic value. What if GOOD GOLD had the same value of real gold? Or even more?

Purchasing GGC Tokens, backed by gold reserves that will never be mined and projects that do good for this planet, will not only offer a safe heaven in turbulent times but will also hedge against the general vagaries of the more volatile crypto markets.

GOOD because they are easily transferable

GGC Tokens can easily be transferred between all our partners and across all exchanges and platforms on Ethereum.

Naturally the tokens can be stored in and transferred between Ethereum compatible wallets.


GOOD transparency:
full visibility over ownership

GGC Token holders will have full visibility over their digital ownership, transaction history and inventory records. This in an unparalleled fashion, offering a level of security that does not exist in traditional gold trading supply chains.

GOOD cryptographically secure

GOODGOLD.co tokenizes gold on the Ethereum block-chain, which brings together verification by all third parties that we work with, to ensure that the process is secure.



As the Gold Standard for value exchange in the Ethereum ecosystem, each token represents 1 gram of gold that we keep in the mountain.

Due to the good intention to keep the gold unminded in the mountain (natural Fort Knox), a physical redemption of tokens in gold is not possible. The interpretation of “backed” has to be understood in that way, that ready to go mining projects are stopped from being exploited.