Hi there, we are new in town but
based on one of the oldest principals.

We are the new money that’s actually good for the planet

Good Gold

True value as an asset

Good for the planet

Right from the blockchain

Stable and circular

Stable gold that’s really sustainable

Investment for the next gen

Your Good haven in crypto currency


You invest in Good Gold,
You help saving 1.000.000 hectares of rain forest.



Using blockchain technology, we represent physical gold with GGC (GOOD GOLD COIN) tokens, where 1 GGC represents 1 gram of gold on Ethereum.



We create a world where the finest gold is made divisible and transferable on the blockchain. The digital gold standard with a mission is here.


You invest in Good Gold,
You help building schools and other facilities.

Why good gold? It has good value and gold value!

What if you could invest in gold that is actually good for … well, almost everything!

By investing in good gold…

  • you help to protect a million hectares of rainforest.
  • you will have a stable crypto currency in your wallet to fall back on or trade with it.
  • you will have gold that is not mined in a terrible way!
  • you will support different communes that actually live near the mines.
  • you will have gold in a super save place for free!
  • you invest in smart solutions that save our planet!
  • How can I invest in Good Coins?

    We started the building process of our new ERC20 token. You will invest in our projects by just buying our Good Coin in the near future.

    If you want to help us now, you can back up our project by becoming a early bird investor at kickstarter (link).

  • Is there any physical gold in reserves?

    Yes we have over 30 mining licenses throughout our alliance partner Extracon. We have a… Please add info here Karsten… regarding the company

  • How much gold is there?

    There is a gold reserve of aprox. 2.4 billion US dollar in our mines. Read our documentation here about Our gold reserves

  • Were is the gold stored?

    Well, simple, we keep the gold in the mountain. A super safe place and great for our planet.

  • Do I get any proof or license?

    Yes you will, our gold reserve is numbered and included in our token.

  • Do we have any more questions?

    Let’s gather more FAQ’s and answer the most important ones.


Please visit all our projects we support with your help


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Market Good Gold
Developing the Gold Coin token
Crowd Fund the project
Get mine licenses
Raising Seed Funds
Team up with UN REDD+ projects in mining area
Plan and setup by the Good Factory