How it all works

Rethink money

Here is the plan Stan!

Regular way:

  • Mine for gold and other metals. This cost a lot of effort, money, and nature.
  • Use super heavy equipment that has also a super heavy carbon print.
  • Refine the gold that is found with often use chemicals.
  • Ship the gold through several companies to a gold reserve
  • Refined and tested again.
  • Numbered and weight by the bank
  • Stored in a energy consuming safe


  • We keep it in nature’s Fort Knox. Keeping the gold in the mountain.
  • We make sure the gold will not be mined and nature will be restored
  • We sell the gold on the block chain transparent and accessible for everyone
  • We reinvest 70% in Good Projects like schools and hospitals
  • 1% of every transaction goes to GOOD projects
  • On every transaction the holder of the token chooses a GOOD project to backup
  • We protect more than a 1.000.000 hectares of rain forest.